Looking within myself for knowledge and power

Fairy Lights Tarot Hierophant Fairy Lights Tarot Emperor


{-QOTD – What message do you have for me today?-} The Hierophant R (Fairy Lights Tarot)
{-QOTD – What factors might block or modify this message?-} The Emperor R (Fairy Lights Tarot)

Again! Two Major Arcana cards although this time they’re in reverse sequence. The Hierophant (which happens to be my birth card) and The Emperor (my nemesis for many years). Both are reversed so I don’t think I’m dealing with energies that are being expressed currently or that are developed fully in my life.

For me, The Hierophant has always symbolized tradition, cultural memory and history. At it’s finest I see The Hierophant as the teacher and mentor who helps us learn about the past and remember our history and traditions. In a high speed internet, quick fix, move across country kind of world, The Hierophant is a dying breed. I have grown to understand The Hierophant’s value and appreciate his talents. For many years I identified this card with The Pope and all the negative aspects of organized, orthodox religion. Now I am able to see beyond this limitations and expand The Hierophant’s meaning.

The Hierophant reversed may be trying to remind me that I need to work on developing my own traditions, my own lore and appreciating my own history. The truth is that I come from a long line of women (on mom’s side) who have been willing to make the necessary sacrifices in order to care for an ailing loved one. I never got a sense of heroic, sacrificial martyr in these actions. They were viewed as the right thing to do. And I suppose I’m carrying on that family tradition by caring for my mother-in-law and brother-in-law. This is something of a shock for me because for many, many years I had convinced myself that I did not possess these traits. Perhaps The Hierophant reversed is reminding me what lies beneath that mask I’m so fearful of lifting.

The Emperor and I have had a contentious relationship for many years. Many of the authority figures I’ve dealt with in my life have proven to be narcissistic, abusive jackasses. They wanted to enjoy the benefits of leadership without addressing the responsibilities and obligations that accompany them. It’s one of the biggest problems with many authority figures – they believe they deserve the tributes paid by the “peasants” but fail to see that they owe the peasants in return.

For me today I think The Emperor is reminding me that one facet of my life I’ve been considering lately is finding a way to generate income that allows me to be my own boss. He may be telling me that I can certainly do this but not now. Right now my priority is caring for the in-laws. I can lay the groundwork for eventually finding ways to make money without working for someone else but timing is everything. I need to slowly build the foundation by focusing within myself rather than on external factors. That will eventually change but for now that’s the best use of my time, talents and resources.

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