My inner radiance will guide me through the thorny thicket

Dance of Life Sun Tarot of the Secret Forest 8 of Swords

Wow, Radiance reversed accompanied by the 8 of Swords reversed.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad!  Of course in my reality I get to decide that and I’ve decided it’s good.  In both cases I’m choosing to view these cards as internally focused.  They are reminders that right now my mission and focus are not to shine in the outer world but to shine within.  I can free myself from the briars and thorns that may block my path but the end result might not be something visible to others but I will benefit and feel their influences.

I’ve often found the negative aspects of The Sun to be intriguing.  We often view the sun as a source of warmth, light and growth.  The sun’s rays bathing the earth and plants is what helps their growth.  How many people are sun worshippers who adore sitting out and feeling it bathe them in radiance.  Without the sun, life on Earth would not be possible.  However too much sun can be deadly and detrimental too.  How many times have we seen the browned and sere landscape that can result from too much sun and too little rain?  How dangerous can the sun be to folks who spend too much time outdoors without proper protection?  Sometimes its harsh, unforgiving rays can bring destruction as well as life.  I believe The Sun’s lesson for us is one of moderation.  Enjoy its warmth and light but don’t overdo things.  Be cautious and protective when dealing with the sun’s energies.

The 8 of Swords can also appear somewhat frightening and negative.  The Secret Forest 8 of Swords brings to mind fairy tales of a hero or heroine who must battle his/her way through a thorny underbrush to find his/her goal.  In this case I think the thorny hedges that block my way are my own doubts, fears and even hopes.  Sometimes hope is the most painful emotion of all, or at least it may seem that way.  This card is letting me know that I have the ability to fight my way through the thorns as long as I stay true to myself and believe in myself.  The radiance of the sun is even lighting my way.

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