Contemplating my own inner beauty.

Witches' Page of Wands Dance of Life Tarot Muse of Self

As soon as I saw the Muse of Self reversed I realized this card is a continuation of my message from yesterday.  The Page of Wands reminds me that I need to learn about myself again; to connect (or reconnect) to things that excite me.  Recently I have been feeling a new energy and enthusiasm for things that rarely interested me in the past – one of which is home decorating.  In the past – I couldn’t have cared less what my house looked like.  I tend to leave all the layout and design stuff to the hubby.  Lately I’ve been finding myself drawn to country cottage and French country style type magazines.  I think I’m feeling an urge to make my physical environment more reflective of my tastes; a place that nurtures my body and soul.

I’ve also been focusing more on the fact that I need to make changes to my lifestyle.  Looking at the Muse of Self I am struck by her comfort with her body, her beauty and her vulnerability.  That is an ideal towards which I strive.  I want to feel that unself-conscious and comfort with my body and myself.  The Page of Wands exudes an energy and enthusiasm that I want to embody.  I want to embrace that sense of daring and fearlessness.  I know that it might be a different sort of energy than I had when I was younger but it’s still there.  It’s a banked fire just wants to burn brightly once again.  I just need to tend it and feed it as necessary.

It’s been interesting to see how the Dance of Life cards I’ve drawn have so accurately given me messages about dealing with my health and self-image.  This is something I need to focus on in the coming months (and even years).  After all it’s not as simple as twitching my nose and changing things (oh that I was Samantha on Bewitched!).  As they say the longest journey begins with one step.  This is my one step.

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