COTD – Lady of Submersibles/Queen of Cups – I’m not sure I want to sleep with the fishes!

Steampunk Lady of Submersibles Witches' Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups, my former nemesis. Of course she would show her face when I’m trying to focus on other issues. She can be most inconvenient. I was rather surprised to see her. Of course I guess she was reminding me that while I am most comfortable with Wands and Swords energy, I have learned the benefits of Cups energy as well.

Looking at the Steampunk Lady of Submersibles, helps me realize that I can move through the sometimes murky waters of the heart, emotions, relationships and inner dreams without drowning or losing my way. She has the tools, equipment and experience to find her way through even the darkest, coldest waters. I don’t think I’m at that level yet but I am growing more comfortable with this element.

The Witches’ Queen of Cups sits on her lonely beach looking into the chalice in her hand. She also seems comfortable and at ease in her element but she also seems isolated. The beach is rather barren and desolate. I’ve never noticed this before in a Queen of Cups card but she seems very alone, although not lonely. It’s as though she is sustained by looking into her chalice. Maybe it is a mystical portal in to the hearts of others and enables her to see what they need to heal. Perhaps knowing the deepest secrets of the human heart creates a need for periods of distance and separation.

Today she is an especially appropriate messenger for me because my family is in a bit of a brouhaha and as a result I got angry with my sister and harsh words were said. I am able to see into my sister’s heart and I know some of what motivates her. Perhaps the Queen of Cups is gently reminding me that I need to be a bit more tolerant and understanding of my sister’s foibles. I don’t need tolerate them or enable her but I could have been a bit kinder and gentler in how I handled it. Sometimes my rather Wands-y nature makes me harsher than the situation warrants. My no bullshit/take no prisoners approach can create rifts where none needed to occur. There is a strength in the Lady of Submersibles that is different than that of the Lady of Engines but no less powerful. That is a fact I need to remind myself of more often.

She also speaks to me of psychic abilities. This is a skill I have always denied possessing. I may be intuitive and/or able to read people. I am proficient at interpreting Tarot cards but I resist calling myself a psychic. The likeliest reason is that so many who do seem like charlatans to me. They seem to disingenuous and that is not how I want to be perceived. However I have also met people whom I believe possess genuine psychic abilities. Maybe this lovely lady is reminding me that possessing psychic abilities is not all it’s cracked up to be. Seeing into the hearts of others can prove to be an unpleasant experience sometimes. It also requires that the psychic shield herself to avoid unwanted intrusions. That is the sense I get from the Lady of Submersibles wet suit and the Queen of Cups solitary splendor on the beach.

I sometimes lose sight of that fact and see psychic abilities as a really cool trick – rather like a teenager “ooh that’s cool I can read other people’s minds”. I think that’s why I have resisted it for so long. I may indeed have psychic abilities but I choose to block them because I’m not sure I want the responsibility. I have feeling this lady is reminding me that it’s mine whether I want to claim it or not. My best option would be to learn the skills necessary to shield myself and work with these energies rather than avoiding them. Something to ponder further in the weeks ahead.


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