Special delivery from the Universe

Sevenfold Lady of SwordsSteampounk Messenger of Airships

Looking at these two lovely ladies I was struck by the sense of calmness about one and the eagerness of the other. The Sevenfold Mystery Lady of Swords is playing a zither and seems serene and yet a bit pensive. It’s as though she knows things are not always as lovely as they seem and she plays her music to keep her in touch with the beauty and joy that is in the world. She brings this music and joy to others too by sharing her message of serenity and beauty.

The Steampunk Lady of Airships is a more energetic card. She crouches on a beam of an airship as though waiting to jump off. She is determined to deliver her message and nothing will stop her. She is confident and self-assured as well as focused. Whatever her message is, it is clear that she believes it is important and must be received.

This is the second time in the past few days I’ve drawn this card. In fact it’s the fourth time I’ve drawn a Lady/Messenger card while using these two decks. So obviously there are some messages the Universe does not feel I’ve received as yet. I think these two ladies are trying to remind me that while I need to move forward with my current ideas and plans, I also need to remember to see the beauty and joy in life. I need to listen to the music and let it soar through my soul envelopes me in its magic.

I also need to take chances and make that leap of faith in order to manifest my plans into reality. I sometimes lose steam in these endeavors and I think these ladies are encouraging me to keep going; to communicate my new ideas and goals to the world. I also think they’re reminding me to finish updating my website so that others who might be seeking the messages I offer know where to find me.

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