What do I need to ward and protect in my life right now? The Magician (All Hallows & Gothic)

The Magician is the 1st Trump in the Major Arcana representing yang energy and the masculine power. The Magician is also represented by the planet Mercury – ruling communication, wisdom, will, and action in all forms and phases. The Magician is often symbolic of having strength of will to create your own life; to make the magic real for you. This card symbolizes the ability to communicate and control your environment, to focus your energy and concentrate. The Magician is about making your will into reality, manifesting your hopes and dreams into your life.

My initial reaction (after feeling a bit of a shiver down my spine) when seeing this card was what I need to ward and protect right now is my magic, my power, my ability to control things in my life.  That doesn’t sound very earth-shattering but the reality is that lately I’ve been feeling out of control and very much subject to the whims of fate.  I hate that!

By nature I’m not a passive person, or at least I haven’t been one in the past.  Lately I’ve been feeling like a feather drifting on the winds or a piece of flotsam swept along by the ebb and flow of the ocean.  I’m sure there is a lesson to be learned in all this however I am just not in the mood anymore.  Feeling as though I’m “helpless” makes me very, very cranky and rather unpleasant to be around.

So what can I do?  How the hell should I know.  If I had all the answers I wouldn’t need Tarot cards.  However, in light of this card and some others that have come up recently there are some clear themes.  I need to start carving out sacred time and sacred space for myself.  I know that taking a few minutes a day for a devotional and meditation often makes me feel more grounded and calmer throughout the day.  However I also often choose an extra 20 minutes of sleep over all other options (hence the same wash & wear hairstyle for 20 years).  I need to start making my spiritual practices more of a priority.

I also need to stop futzing around with my health.  I know that with a few changes and minor tweaks many of my current health issues will improve.  Of course that will also require more attention and pre-planning – sheesh!  My extra sleep is really going to suffer.

On the positive side perhaps these two simple steps (well simple to conceptualize, we’ll see how simply they are to implement), will help me feel more as though I’m doing things as opposed to “having done to me”.  Of course I already know this stuff but unfortunately I can sometimes be very, very difficult to convince.  I guess I have to stop procrastinating, which is a real shame because I’m a world-class procrastinator.  However I have a feeling I cannot continue to ignore the message from the Universe forever.


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