Who is the Tarot Broad?

I’ve been pondering this issue quite a bit lately because in order to know how to “market” myself I need to know a bit more about who I am as a Tarot Reader.

The first thing I know is that I am an acquired taste.  My personality is such that it will not appeal to everyone.  I will also not be able to provide the kind of reading some people desire.  I’m fairly straight forward and don’t always come across as a sympathetic ear.  It’s not that I don’t care about people and their challenges, it’s just that I find it fairly useless to continually rehash the same old issues over and over.  So if someone keeps asking questions revolving around the same issue – I might eventually suggest that it’s time to “shit or get off the pot”.

I also find claims such as “I swear I’m cursed” or “the only luck I have is bad” to become self-fulfilling prophecies.  I’d rather focus on what’s right now on how to change that perception rather than feeding its energy.

I often joke that I am as deep as a shallow stream – I’m a very “what you see is what you get” kind of person.  Sometimes when one is providing a Tarot reading, that approach can be off-putting.  On the plus side, I’m sure there are people out there who would appreciate that kind of no-nonsense approach.

The name itself was the joking suggestion of a friend (Sasha Graham the famous Tarot Diva).  We were talking about our Tarot personalities and I have just made a snarky remark about something so Sasha laughed and said I should become the Tarot Broad.  I loved it!  It reminds me of what Bette Davis would be if she read Tarot cards – caring and fun but a bit bitchy and no-nonsense.

A second source of inspiration was this photo of my mother at a friend’s wedding.

I have always adored this photo of my mom.  It seems to capture her essence – fun, substantial and sometimes outrageous.  And that is the kind of energy I’d like to channel into my Tarot readings (and life for that matter).

So that’s a little about who I am and how I became the Tarot Broad.  I hope you enjoyed the show.

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