What do I need to focus on today? Queen of Cups R (Legacy of the Divine and Crone)


This is the third time this card has appeared for me this month – once upright and twice reversed.  Obviously she has a message that I need to hear.  Looking at the image on Ciro’s Legacy of the Divine I see the image of the lovely Natashia, a lady I’ve had the pleasure at meeting at several past Readers Studios.  Knowing the story behind this card, it speaks to me of joy, love and healing; washing away the past so that the future can be full of happiness and laughter not pain and anger.

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince calls her Grandmother of Cups Godmother.  Another concept with interesting connotations to me.  My godmother is my mother’s aunt.  I’m very fond of her and we chat on the phone occasionally but our relationship has never been very close.  She had seven sons to raise and once my grandmother (her sister) passed away, our contact with that side of the family became minimal.  I always knew my godmother loved me, but we just didn’t get the chance to connect very often.  When we are together, my godmother is warm, funny and loving.

What I find these two cards have in common is a sense of joy, happiness and love.  They both offer a sense of knowing that life isn’t always fun and games but managing to keep a smile anyway.  She represents knowing the darkest sides of human nature but being able to focus on the light.  She speaks of washing clean those festering wounds that we carry within ourselves so that we can heal and become whole again.  It’s about being able to love and embrace the people in our lives and the world, even when they’re not especially lovable.

This is  a sorely atrophied part of my nature.  It’s something I’m working on but before I could love most of the world, I had to learn to love and embrace myself.  It’s been a slow process but I’m getting there.  I think the Queen of Cups is reminding me that every so often it’s okay to focus on myself a bit.  She’s also reminding me that I might find it beneficial to reconnect with some of these loving, laughing women in my life.  I can probably learn a thing or two from them.

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