What is my energy today? 7 of Wands R (Transformational & Gaian)

This card had a very significant meaning for me today in light of some of my lightning bolt moment/epiphany a few days ago.  Several years ago while attending one of Rachel Pollack’s amazing Tarot get-togethers/classes in NYC I pulled this card in answer to a question about how I behave in relationships.  It was eye-opening for me because it visually encapsulates how I often feel – defensive and fighting off all comers.  There have been times when I’ve described myself in almost mythical terms – as the valkyrie Brunnhilde who was put under in an enchanted sleep by Odin and surrounded by a protective ring of fire so that only a worthy man could make it through and reach her.  If the man was willing to take those chances then he was a worth match and mate for Brunnhilde.  In my words I have often joked that I could only be with a man who could take a punch because I’m well aware of my proclivity for defensiveness.

Over the last few days I have had some amazing insights into some of my issues.  I’ve come to realize that so many things I believed were issues need to be looked at from a new perspective.  The 7 of Wands reversed is a reminder that I can let some of my defenses down.  Now that I can see some of the patterns that have woven themselves through my life, I don’t need to be so quick to attack.  I can be selective and cautious about who I let get close to me but I can let people get close.

Perhaps now all the energy that I’ve used to maintain my protective defenses can be unleash into more creative endeavors.  Once I am able to put that staff down, who knows what I can accomplish.  Considering how effective I’ve been up to this point at defending and protecting myself, I have to feel that I’ve got a good chance at manifesting my creative energies into something positive and transforming.  I’ve been successful at facing adversity and managing to triumph so hopefully I can now channel that energy in a way that will spark my creative juices and allow me move in a more healing and beneficial path.

I realize I’m sort of babbling a bit here.  I’m still riding on the high I experienced from my “a-ha” moment and I haven’t quite come down yet.  I just know that this revelation is the key to major changes in my life as well as to healing and allowing myself to move forward and focus on my passions and being creative rather than feeling defensive.  I can expand rather than contract and that feels amazing.  I can forge the future I want and stop worrying about someone or something dangerous breaching my defenses.

4 thoughts on “What is my energy today? 7 of Wands R (Transformational & Gaian)

  1. I have a stupid question Debbie: What does the category COTD stand for please? I went back but couldn’t find it.

    I was thinking about your thoughts on being a tarot reader. Perhaps your defences as you describe them are what keep you from connecting to querants as you would like? Reading for people requires you to tune in–that can get uncomfortable.

    I suppose those of us who are passionate about tarot automatically think we should all be readers, but is it really true? Maybe it’s not for you?

    I decided it was not for me other than the occasional reading for a friend or something. A reader has to be a bit of a counsellor to folk and that is not a skill of mine. All that touchy-feely stuff–Cups stuff–just not me.

    Is there another way you can use tarot for work? Creative writing and art have always been my way with tarot. Have you ever thought of teaching that? Again though, teaching is something that requires a certain delicacy of opinion and mentoring, which may not be where your gifts lie.

    You describe yourself as rather bombastic, in-your-face opinionated, distrustful–all these things carry a lot of energy. I feel powerful energy is a good thing, but it needs the right focus. A lot of people who ask for readings are emotionally hurt or wounded in some way–it requires a soft touch, they can be very needy and clingy some of them.

    It seems to me that someone like you who has been involved with tarot for so many years and has a real passion for it, could channel that into work but not necessarily reading. There is no shame in not reading, you know? You seem to be coming to the conclusion that it isn’t quite the right fit for your personality.

    So what is the right fit?


    • Hi Judith,

      First things first – COTD stands for Card of the Day. ;D

      As for working with Tarot. It’s interesting that you bring this up right now. I have been on the fence about being a professional (or even semi-professional) reader for some time now for many of the reasons you enumerated. After a lot of work, soul searching and conversations with friends and fellow Tarot readers, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should indeed read for others because there are people out there who need my energy.

      Not all people seeking readings do need that touchy-feely Cups approach. Many do and when I come across them I can usually sense it and tone myself down accordingly or refer them to another reader. However there are people out there who need a bit more of a Swords/Wands kind of reading that cuts to the truth and through the bullshit.

      AT Readers Studio this year I had a fun “a’ha” moment during the foundation reading (the first reading of the event) when my partner turned to me and said “You know you’re an R-rated psychic and you should probably let people know that”. We laughed and I realized she’s right. I’m not going to be everyone’s tastes but there are people out there who can appreciate my style.

      As for being a teacher – always a possibility. My rather outgoing personality tends to make me an effective and interesting presenter.

      Thank you so much for the feedback. You’ve given me some food for thought.


  2. OMG Card of the Day–duh! Thanks.

    Okay, so it’s the right fit after all–you are clear in your mind.

    I have always like the Transformational Tarot–nice to see it being used. I was on the fence for some time about the Gaian–part of me wants it, principally because of the Death card, and part of me finds it too Shiny Happy People, so I have given it a miss.


    • Thanks Judith. The Transformational is one of my favorite decks. The Gaian Tarot is lovely and having followed its creation, I have a fond spot for it. It’s like any other deck – it offers some unique insights on some cards while others might not resonate. It is very Earth-centric so that is a plus for some folks. Of course the real beauty of Tarot is that there is something for every taste and not all decks will appeal to everyone.


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