A Lovers moment illustrated


I was browsing television channels today and saw a scene in a movie the perfectly illustrated the energy of The Lovers card (at least for me).  In a movie called Into the Blue (which I’ve never seen and probably never will watch in full).  In this scene, Jessica Alba is speaking to her boyfriend (Paul Walker) who has just agreed to deep sea dive to retrieve cocaine for some drug lord.  Scott Caan and another character are on the boat waiting for him while Jessica Alba is chastising him, saying that a few days before he had too much integrity to work for another scuba company and now he’s working for a drug lord.  She walks away.

He rushes after her and tries to convince her that it’s one time and then they’ll be able to do what they want.  She looks at him sadly and tells him it’s already too late before walking away.  Paul Walker stands on the pier watching Jessica Alba walk away, clearly torn between following her (and thus his higher self) or returning to the boat with his friends and following his lower self.

That moment encapsulated the energy of The Lovers card for me – a choice between lover and friends, between our noblest, highest self and our lowest self, between a connection with the Divine or the mundane.

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