QOTD – What is my lesson for the day? Wheel of Fortune (Transformational & Gaian)


Arnell Ando calls this card Karma in the Transformational Tarot and one of the things this brings to mind for me is that what goes around comes around.  The Gaian Tarot shows me that there are cycles to life and those cycles continue on whether we want them to or not.  This card ties in nicely with the message I got from the Moon reversed yesterday that suppressing cycles in life creates internal conflict and even depression.  Seeing this card I think of the song by Blood, Sweat and Tears “Spinning Wheel” – “what goes up must come down, spinning wheel got to go ’round”.  Or “Turn, Turn, Turn” by The Birds, “To everything there is a season”.  Right now this is a comforting message to me.  Yes things are tough right now – for me personally, for the country and for the world.  However things will eventually improve and the wheel will begin moving us towards the top again.

On a more personal level, the other day I asked the cards a question about my psychic abilities because I have always had an issue identifying myself this way.  I see myself as a Tarot reader but I often view my skills more in the nature of an interpreter – “I coalesce the vapors of human experience into a viable and meaningful comprehension” (Mel Brooks in History of the World, Part I).  Or (as Bea Arthur replies to this statement) “a bullshit artist”>  And therein lies the problem.  On some level I’ve felt like I’m faking it or lying or bullshitting my clients.  I don’t know more than they do.  Who the hell am I to set up a shingle and offer Tarot counseling or whatever.

I drew Karma in response to my query.  I interpreted that in a few ways.  I think on one level it was letting me know that I’ve put enough time and effort into studying and learning and now it’s time to move onto a new phase and put that knowledge into practice.  I think it was also reminding me that I do have an ability to see patterns in life.  Perhaps this ability is what does/will make me an effective Tarot reader.  Later in the day I asked a similar question and drew Karma reversed.  I think this was Tarot’s way of telling me to stop being a smart ass.  It already answered my question.

Today while I was walking I was thinking about some things.  At Readers Studio, Nancy Antenucci was my partner during the Foundation Reading.  At one point while we were reading for each other, Nancy turned to me and said “You know you’re an R-rated psychic.  You should probably let people know that up front”.  I laughed it off at first but then it really began to grab hold of me.  That is my niche!  I have a somewhat colorful approach to expressing myself which sometimes includes profanity or almost dirty words.  I also have a “cut through the bullshit” approach to life.  I don’t have the patience for overly elaborate rituals.  It’s not me.  I admire readers who have a kinder, gentler approach to readings.  They seem to embody a more Earthy or Cups energy.  It appears that my gift it to bring a more Wands and Swords energy to readings.  There’s nothing wrong with it, but it seems that I will always be an acquired taste.  Now the trick is how to approach clients who can appreciate that approach.

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