What do I need to consider today? Page of Wands R (Blue Rose & Infinite Visions)


The Blue Rose Page of Wands embodies passion and energy – a young dancer just starting to master her craft but full of the conviction and drive to succeed.  I remember being that young, enthusiastic and arrogant.  It’s almost as though in order to survive adolescent and early adulthood we need a touch of arrogance because without it the criticisms of others will cause us to shrivel and die.  It’s almost amusing to look back at who I was at that age and laugh at my confident assertions that I knew more than my elders.  It was that pure essence of fire and confidence, of passion and creativity.  My goal was not to make my elders feel threatened or no respected (although that was often an unfortunate side effect) but to shine and dazzle them with my potential, my talent and my drive.  Sometimes I was fortunate enough to have a supervisor who understood this and was able to nurture me beyond my arrogance.  Other supervisors found me too cocky and found ways to get rid of me.  Lessons were learned but that didn’t kill that inner flame.

The Infinite Visions Page of Wands shows a young man riding through the forest with two dogs.  In the distance we see a beautiful white hart with a magnificent rack.  He stands majestic, unafraid and lovely; the master of his surroundings.  The young man has a halo of light around him suggesting that he has a purity of spirit that has not yet been tainted by the world.  The question is will he keep that purity and let the hart go free or will his ego dominate and allow his pride to demand he kill this magnificent beast for his own glory?  Haven’t we all been there – in a situation where we are forced to choose between our inner desires and knowledge of what is right and impressing our contemporaries and meeting their expectations.  We are torn and not sure which option is the right one.  Surviving that experience and learning from it is part of the maturation process.

Having drawn this card reversed today, I think one of my challenges is to reconnect with that sense of being inspired.  For too long I’ve allowed myself to take a very practical, logical approach to life.  That can be very useful and beneficial in many ways but I’ve been neglecting my spiritual needs.  I need to feel as though what I do makes a difference in some way; that I’ve been inspired and connected to others.  The current situation in my life has left me feeling a bit isolated.  I need to find ways to reconnect to that side of myself that felt inspired and magical.  I have to see beyond the current day to day tasks and allow my spirit to soar; to nurture my inner flame and tend it carefully so it’s light does not die out.  It’s not about the outside world and what it gives me or what I give it.  This card is about my giving to myself – not always as easy and one would think.

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