What do I need to manifest today? Page of Pentacles R (Blue Rose & Infinite Visions)


Hmm, interesting that I drew this card in response to my query today. Both the maiden on the Blue Rose Page of Pentacles and the lad sitting by the fire reading on the Infinite Vision card give a sense of contemplated and studying the situation. The maiden sits at the waters edge holding a bundle of twigs and watching rabbits and fishes drift by below. Seems seems to be considering the water flowing beneath her feet as though it holds the answers she seek or insight into something bothering her. The studious lad on the Infinite Vision Page of Pentacles sits by a fire trying to keep the light on the book he is reading. He seems determined and eager to keep reading despite the darkness surrounding him. In both cases the figures on the cards seem deeply introspective and tuning in to other energies to manifest their desires.

The maiden on the Blue Rose Page is grounded and practical but still seeks answers within the depths of herself. She does not dive into the depths but is comfortable and content to gaze below the surface and see the mysteries that lie beneath. The eager student on the Infinite Vision Page of Pentacles willingly places himself as near to the fire as he can get. His body strains towards the light it provides so that he can continue to read, learn, and explore new territory. He is finding insights into himself through his studies. Both of these images resonate with me. For many years I was like the studious lad, seeking my answers in books and burning to learn more and study the world. As I grow older I realize many of the answers I seek are not in books but are in myself. Deep within my soul, my inner self knows the answers to all the questions that pester me. I think my challenge is to be open to hearing those answers the way youth is open to learning new things and gaining new experiences. In a sense, I’m exploring previously uncharted territory – myself.

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