What is my message for today? The World (Vision & Touchstone)


How can I not loved drawing this card?  After all who doesn’t really believe (deep down inside of course) they he or she is not the center of the known Universe?  I admit this about myself.  Even when things seem bleak and overwhelming, it’s still all about me.  The world revolves around me and what I do and feel and think affects everyone in it.  Now if I truly lived my life as though everyone in the world is impacted by my choices and beliefs and decisions, I’d probably be diagnosed with a case of narcissistic personality disorder at best.  However, if we consider the Butterfly Effect theory then isn’t it just as likely that our actions and attitudes create ripple effects that do indeed influence the lives of others.  That’s a bit frightening on some level.  That means my temper tantrum today might create some sort of negative repercussion for someone else further down the road.  Yikes!

On the other hand, the reality is that all of us are the center of our own universes.  How can we not be?  On the Vision Tarot World card, Dirk Gillabel uses The Star Gate to represent this Arcana.  What a fabulous concept!  And quite eye-opening too!  I saw the original Stargate movie (Kurt Russell was in it, how could I not see it) and thought it raised an interesting premise – what if there was a portal that allowed us access to other worlds and other civilizations?  The series certainly fleshed out this concept in much more depth, offering both the positive and negative results from such access.  On a personal level it points out that even if we cannot actually leave the world in which we were born via a time/space portal, we do have the ability to manipulate and control certain aspects of our lives.

Some of the things I can control – how I react to various situations, how I treat others, how I spend my resources, how it use my energies and an infinite number of other choices.  I think sometimes, especially in this chaotic and economically charged environment, we become overwhelmed by what is being done and begin to feel helpless and out of control.  However, if we refuse to give up that control to others and take charge, be responsible for out lives and our choices (both good and bad), it will empower us and allow us to feel that we can control our small portion of the world.  Don’t allow anyone, especially yourself, to take this power away from you.

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