What lesson can I take away from my self-imposed Facebook exile? Queen of Cups R


The first thing that struck me about this card is the message the Facebook does not emotionally nurture me.  Which is very true.  It does provide a relatively easy way for me to keep in touch with friends and family.  However, it also gives the false illusion of a plethora of friends.  I regularly receive friend requests from people I don’t know.  If I haven’t met them in person at some point or if I haven’t interacted with them via a mailing list or online group, then I don’t accept the request.  I’m not trying to be harsh but I am not one of those who feel that a high number of friends on Facebook means anything.

Actually if anything I can come to realize that Facebook, and other social networks, simply provide me with a quick and easy way to kill time and avoid doing the things I should be doing.  So in that respect it’s not fulfilling or nurturing me on an emotional level either.  It’s become a bit of an energy drain; a dream sucker.  Instead of focusing my energies outwards, I’ve been focusing them online.  Neither a healthy nor a useful approach to anything.

So ultimately, while I won’t stay off Facebook completely, I have come to realize that I don’t need it.  I know a lot of folks recommend using it for marketing your small business.  I’ve considered that and realize that the type of customers I might attract that way are probably not the kind of customers I really want anyway.  I don’t feel the same emotional connection to people I don’t know in “real time”.  I’m sure this is not unique to me.  And perhaps I was also using this as an excuse not to move forward on establishing myself as a professional Tarot reader.  I focused on the extraneous issues such as marketing, blog, etc. rather than on putting it out there to the Universe that I was ready to do this.  I’m finally starting to take baby steps in that direction and I think that will fulfill my emotional needs more than playing around on the Internet.

In think on another level the reversed Queen of Cups is showing me that I’m not trusting my own intuition and listening to my instincts.  I’ve known for a bit now that all of the focus on this marketing and social networking wasn’t the right path for me.  It doesn’t mean it’s not useful and worthwhile just not where I am right now.  It may become more of a focus somewhere down the road but I’m just not there yet.  And I think Facebook has been allowing me to avoid facing this fact.

So going forward I will continue to blog (although not as frequently) and hang on Facebook to chat with friends and keep up with those about whom I care.  However I am not using it for marketing purposes (at least not right now).  I have to trust in my instincts that this isn’t the right move for me right now.  I can always revisit it in the future but right now all it’s doing is making it more stressful to be online at all.

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