COTD – High Priestess (Moon Garden & Romanian Dream)


For some reason The High Priestess is a card with which I feel only a minimal connection.  She always struck me as passive and very “yin”.  I have a hard time embodying these traits and on some level they actually antagonize me.  That’s possibly a very odd reaction for a Tarot reader to have.  She is often seen to symbolize the hidden mysteries.  She is the guardian of the pathway to the unknown; the secrets hidden from the uninitiated.  At the same time I have a strong aversion to secrets, even ones that are secret because they might be abused by folks.  She watches the gateway and tests those who would pass beyond.  Maybe I’m afraid that I would not pass the test and that’s why I’m a wary of her energies.

My aversion to The High Priestess may also stem from her connection to meditation, inner work and other navel gazing activities.  Although I have moments of introspection and can be fairly clear about my “issues”, I do not necessarily want to spend a lot of time meditating on them or contemplating them.  At the same time I can spend hours talking with a close friend about things like that.  Perhaps that is how I need to view the High Priestess – as a friend who will listen to all my issues and not judge.

On a personal note I realized that The High Priestess is also a symbol that I need to back off.  A friend once shared one of the Four Agreements (from the book of the same name) is “it’s not personal”.  When she said it my initial reaction was “of course it’s personal”, but when she explained it in more detail I got it and realized it does make sense.  Unfortunately I forget that principle yesterday while dealing with my hubby.  When he became irritating about something minor, instead of letting it go because it wasn’t personal, it wasn’t about me it was about him, I flared up and the battle was joined.  This lead to a day long aggravation fest full of little digs and petty arguments.  Had I taken a more High Priestess approach and taken a step back and distanced myself from the drama, it might have quickly died down and petered away.  Live and learn.  Hopefully the next time a similar incident occurs, I’ll be able to take a less aggressive more receptive stance and be a bit more understanding and less challenging.  I’m not sure that possible but I can at least give it a try.

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