COTD – Queen of Wands R (Wheel of Change & Greenwood)


How ironic that I drew this lady reversed today.  I have often flattered myself that the Queen of Wands is my card; if forced to choose a significator it will usually be the Queen of Wands.  Lately I have not been feeing very queenly or very wandsy.  My energies feel as though they are being sucked out by some sort of cosmic vacuum cleaner.  And I feel as though I have no control over most of my life right now.  I am at the mercy of the fates and the needs of an elderly, dependant relative.  I could easily subsume myself in self-pity and misery but that frustrates me even more.  I may occasionally indulge in bouts of self-pity but as a rule it’s not natural for me and anathema to my personality.

Instead I need to find ways to control certain things and express myself.  The queen on the Wheel of Change card is playing music.  We don’t know if there is an audience before her but she seems joyful and fulfilled playing her music even if she is the only one who hears it.  Her creativity is unfettered and her ability to express it is fully realized.  Looking at her makes me realize that whether anyone else appreciates my gifts or enjoys my creative output, I need to continue to express it.  For example, I enjoy writing.  It is one of my creative outlets.  I may never write as a source of income, but whether I get paid for it or not I should not let that stop me from writing.  I need to allow myself to dance as if no one is watching; sing as if no one is listening because the important factor is the joy that these activities bring me.  There are certain things I cannot control in my current situation but I can certainly explore my creative side and allow myself to express those energies for my own benefit.

The Greenwood Queen of Wands shows a hare.  Hares are often connected with fertility and springtime.  They are also noted for their “boxing” rituals in March.  I have been seeing quite a few rabbits around lately.  Small, cute, fuzzy little creatures that hop away as quickly as possible whenever someone draws near.  At the same time hares and rabbits seem capable of taking care of themselves – quick-witted and knowledgeable about how to avoid predators.  All of this certainly factors into this card’s meaning but what truly resonates with me is the concept of fertility and being prolific.  That is the message I am taking away from this card today – I need to be more prolific and express myself creatively.  That is where I need to become more fertile and be willing to fight passed whatever might be blocking me; even if it’s myself.

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