COTD – 10 of Disks/Stones R (Wheel of Change & Greenwood)


The Wheel of Change 10 of Disks shows ten drums from a variety of cultures resting on a beautiful print blanket.  There are hand drums and frame drums, doumbeks and gongs.  They each represent a different culture’s way of connecting with the heartbeat of the planet.  They are sitting in the middle of a verdant meadow while the summer sun creates a pale, powder blue sky.  The 10 of Stones shows an ancient Celtic dwelling framed by two monolith-style stones inscribed with various symbols.  A path leads between the stones to the house and a ribbon of smoke rises from the chimney.

The 10 of Disks represents that no matter what our outward appearance, we are all connected at the heart.  Each drum shows a different way to connect with the heartbeat of the planet but they still share the common bond of being a drum,  So are we all humans, children of the Earth.  Just as the vibrations of one of these drums will impact on the drums around it, so do our actions impact the lives of those around us.  This card is both a symbol of the variety and beauty all around us, as well as a reminder that our differences are only skin deep but our sames go to our soul.  The Greenwood 10 of Stones is also a reminder of the connectedness and need for community.  The ties that enrich our lives and enable us to go forth and deal with the rest of the world.

I don’t know why I hadn’t considered it before but I think that is part of the challenge facing me right now – I’m not using my community to my best advantage.  I have friends who have already tread this path and could probably provide guidance, advice and even the occasional shoulder to cry on but I’m resistant to asking.  Asking for help has always been a sign of weakness for me.  I can do it if I have to but I prefer to avoid it.  If I’m not willing to reach out and network with friends both in and out of the Tarot community then why bother doing this?  Why even try to establish myself as a Tarot reader if I’m unable to speak to others about things.  Isn’t that the point of what I’d be doing?

I need to grow more comfortable with asking folks for help – help in spreading the word to potential clients, help in establishing and creating my niche, help in exploring other opportunities that might be available.  It’s only by talking to friends and acquaintances that I can use all the tools in my arsenal.  It may take a village to raise a child but it takes a community to build a business (okay so it’s not so creative but gimme a break here).  And I’m starting to think I’ve been the village idiot.

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