Ace of Wands (Wheel of Change & Greenwood)


Looking at the images on both these cards I got a send of focus, energy and new starts.  The phrase on the Greenwood Ace of Wands is “spark of life”.  What a wonderful idea!  And the triangle atop the staff on the Wheel of Change Ace of Wands gives me a sense of creating a solid underpinning upon which to then focus and channel my creative energies and drives.  It also gives me a sense that a stable base needs to be created in order for me to move forward; a tripod upon which to base my creative life.

I see these Ace of Wands as representing a boost of new energy; a charge of adrenalin.  They offer a new energetic spurt that will allow me to get moving and feel re-charged and alive again.  I’ve been feeling like a bit of a zombie for the past few months maybe even longer.  It’s odd and amazing to realize that one’s energy level can be so drained by such mundane things as family obligations and duties.  It’s as if the batteries were dying and no new ones were available.

Saturday’s card was the Knight of Wands R which I took to mean that I needed to explore some ways to internally re-ignite my pilot light.  I think this card is showing that I’m on the right path.  I will be able to find that new energy, new passion, new creative spark.  Who knows where this new path will lead me but at least now I’m looking forward to the journey.  It promises to be exciting and interesting.

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