The Seer R (Greenwood/Wildwood)



At first glance the Seer in the Greenwood Tarot appears to be a large owl.  Upon second glance I realized it’s a priestess wearing an owl cloak or perhaps shape-shifting into an owl walking through the forest holding a staff with a glowing orb on top.  The Seer in the Wildwood Tarot is more clearly a priestess wearing a cloak of owl feathers.  She also holds a staff but rather than walking, she stands before a large stone basin of water.  She appears to be gazing into it, perhaps for insight of knowledge.

Both images suggest that these figures are sources of wisdom, knowledge and power; the wise woman of the woods that weaves her way through many legends and fairy tales.  The owl is often seen as a source of wisdom in mythology although it can also be a harbinger of death.  It seems to me that these women would be comfortable dealing in either aspect of this symbolism.  They are wise enough to understand that death is a necessity.  Perhaps it’s not pleasant but without death there would be no new life.   I remember reading this nursery rhyme when I was a child and it has always stayed with me:

A wise old owl sat in an oak,
The more he heard, the less he spoke;
The less he spoke, the more he heard;
Why can’t we be like this wise old bird?

Unfortunately I have never mastered the ability to speak less.  In fact if anything I’m rather like a babbling brook that just goes on and on and on.  I may be observant and occasionally insightful but in both areas I know I could improve my skills if I listened rather than waiting to speak.

So what message is The Seer offering to me today?  My first reaction upon drawing this card reversed is that what I need to see today is myself.  I need to look deep within myself and see what is there.  It’s time for me to priestess myself; to listen to that inner wisdom and see where it guides me.  Perhaps like the priestesses on these cards, I can shapeshift myself into a new reality.  I can manifest those skills of listening and wisdom into my life.  It’s often very difficult for me to take a more passive, receptive approach to life but I think that is exactly what The Seer is telling me to do.  Rather than always running about and doing things, it’s time to start actually seeing them.  That will be quite a challenge but it also ties in with the message I received yesterday.  In order to be more nurturing, supportive, compassionate and understanding towards others, I have to learn to have these traits towards myself.  That is easier said than done.



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