The Archer (Chariot) (Greenwood & Wildwood)



This is the third time in the past few weeks I drew this card.  And in fact it came up yesterday when I was doing a reading for someone else.  I think it’s message is a continual reminder that whatever path I wish my life to take as I move forward, I need to make that decision and choose the direction.  I have to aim my arrow and take my shot.  I’ve been hemming and hawing for too long.  If I don’t at least give this a try, then I’ll always regret it.

Who knows I may find out that this particular path is not the one I really want and that’s okay too.  I have to get more comfortable with picking a path and being willing to change it if it turns out not to be what I desire.  It’s ironic how easy it is to advise someone else to take the reins of their lives and chose what direction they wish to go.  When it comes to ourselves things are different.  We often have quite a well-developed list of reasons why we can’t do something.  We may be in a rut but very often we feel safe in that rut.  As they expression says, “better the devil you know”.  We may be unhappy with how things are but we are afraid things could be worse.  I suppose I am not unique in often taking a reactionary approach to life instead of taking a more assertive and goal-directed approach.

I have taken steps to make sure my life is now moving in the direction I desire.  I am still working out some kinks but at least the course has been plotted.  The bowed has been pulled back and the arrow notched in place.  I may not be ready to release it just yet but I’m almost ready to be ready.  The reality is that not knowing how things might turn out if I pursue this path will ultimately be worse than if I actually fail.  I’ll always regret not having tried but I’ll get over it if things don’t work out.

It’s also very interesting that I drew this card after having selected the 9 of Arrows on Saturday.  It’s as if I had to look at the different arrows or options I have and select which one I want to focus my energies on manifest and sending forth into the Universe.  Today is the day to focus on releasing that goal and working towards manifesting it.

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