9 of Arrows (Greenwood & Wildwood)


There is a sense of gathering my resources; collecting my arrows, my ideas, my goals into my quiver and prepare to shoot them forth into the Universe, into the ether.  I need to set my  intentions and make sure that I am ready to manifest them.  In order to do that I need to be prepared to accept the end of certain things in my life in order to focus on achieving these goals.  In both images, the figure on the card is holding a bow and arrow close to her body and standing with here eyes closed.  It’s almost as if she’ communing with the arrow; getting a sense of its purpose and how she can work with it to achieve her goals.  This suggests to me that I need to more fully embrace and get in touch with the ideas and goals I have in my life.

In the past I have often been haphazard about achieving my goals.  Despite this chaotic approach, I’ve managed to be fairly successful but part of that has been due to my connections with the people in my life – supervisors, co-workers, etc.  Now, although I would certainly be working with others, I’d be my own supervisor and responsible to myself.  Sometimes I’m not as diligent about things as I probably should or could be.  That is a pattern I need to change.  I can be flexible and adjust my behaviors to suit the situation, at least in the short term.  What I need to focus on now is making those changes long-term and permanent.  I need to get my verbal skills and thoughts flowing smoothly in order to change my reality.  I know what I need and what I want to achieve.  Now it’s time to put those goals and energies out into the Universe and let them start the journey towards reality.

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