COTD – The Chariot (Legacy of the Divine & Rabbit)


The Chariot symbolizes being totally in tune with a fast-moving process or event; aware of the tolerances and limitations of the situation and understanding instinctively how to act and react in order to direct or affect movement from within.  It can be about immersing yourself in the situation so you can exert control over it and direct its course.  The more immersed you are in the transition or growth process, the more involved you are with the energies and harmonies of the change, the better you’ll be able to see and direct them.

“Positive:  Events are moving quickly but you understand the situation well enough to know, instinctively, how to act or react.  you know how to handle yourself within the situation, so go ahead and immerse yourself in the current transition or growth process.  The more you are involved with the energies and harmonies of the changes, the better you’ll be able to use and direct them.
Upright:  You are in a situation where transition is occurring at an amazing rate.  You are completely involved and attuned to the fast pace of the changes that are happening in your relationship, home, career or worldly situation.  You sensitively shift, balance, and react to participate in keeping things moving.” – Gail Fairfield

This is the second time this month I drew The Chariot.  Obviously there are still more facets of its message and energy that I need to absorb.  Looking at the figure on the Legacy of the Divine Chariot, I was struck by how confidently she steers her horses.  One hand is holding aloft a glowing staff while the other is on the reigns.  She seems to feel that she doesn’t need both hands to control her direction and steer the chariot along the course she desires.  The fact that the horses are charging ahead over a body of water suggests that she is also on top of her emotional nature.  She knows how to move beyond areas that might make me feel in over my head and lost.  She embodies a sense of self-control and determination that I want to emulate.

Unfortunately most of the time I feel more like the white rabbit appears on the Rabbit Tarot Chariot – a bit nervous and scared.  She is steering the team of goats but one gets the sense that all has gone well up to this point because they have all wanted to move in the same direction.  If the rabbit decided to change course and the goats were not in agreement, I think we might have a problem on our hands.  In the past, I have often felt that I drifted along with winds of fate and things worked out for me.  When it was up to me to decide what direction to take I often felt paralyzed and fearful.  In fact I feel rather like the jock played by Emilio Estevez in The Breakfast Club.  There is a scene where he describes how disconnected he is from what is happening in his life.  He has been guided by his father’s and coach’s desires for him to be a successful wrestler and go to college.  His feelings about all of this are irrelevant.  He even describes himself as a race horse that has no input into what decisions are being made about his life.  I can completely sympathize with this sentiment.  I have often allowed the opinions and suggestions of others to carry more weight than my own.  Enough is enough, I’m tired of feeling this way and living my life this way.  I am slowly starting to reclaim the decision making in my life and take a more active role in steering my course, but it’s a slow process.

On a positive note, the pair of goats on the Rabbit Tarot Chariot card reminds me of the Norse god Thor.  Thor also drives a chariot pulled by goats (of course his are magical and can be eaten at night and be magically made whole again by his hammer).  And goats are associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn.  I have a lot of Capricorn energy in my life.  I have a Capricorn Moon.  My hubby is a Capricorn Sun and Moon.  My mother has a Capricorn Sun.  My father-in-law, brother and grandmother were all Capricorn Suns.  I also have a number of dear friends who are Capricorn Suns.  So I have seen this energy in action and it can be quite impressive.  One quality I have to give to Capricorns is that they don’t quit.  They don’t take no for an answer.  Instead they decide on a course of action and do whatever it takes to reach that goal.  This is a trait I want to start embodying in my own life.  I’m tired of letting things be guided by the whim of others.  It’s time to embrace my Capricorn Moon and start steering my life in a way that will let me achieve my goals.  I don’t want to be a scared rabbit anymore.  I want to be the self-confident and determined woman steering the Chariot on the Legacy of the Divine card.  And the first step to achieving that goal is to start believing in myself.  If I don’t believe in myself then how the hell can I expect anyone else to do so?


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