COTD – The Hanged Man R (Legacy & Rabbit)


The Hanged Man is the 12th Trump in the Major Arcana.  The traditional meaning of this card is self-sacrifice for the greater good, faith in the integrity of one’s actions, a period of waiting or transition and finding knowledge within.  This card can represent the inner journey, psychism and meditations.  It might be suggesting that it might be good to wait for a better time to make a move.  Be patient and wait for the right opportunity or energies to manifest.  Wait for external circumstances to be right.  When the time is right, you’ll know and be able to take full advantage of the situation.

“Negative:  You’re waiting for the perfect time, person or circumstances.  Your dream of that perfect time is a little unrealistic and if you keeping waiting for it, you may never act.  Waiting for a “better opportunity” is inappropriate right now.  No more procrastinating!
Reversed:  You’re waiting for yourself to be ready.  External circumstances may or may not be perfect but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is whether you’re ready, inside, to take this step.  When you’re in the right frame of mind, or emotionally prepared, you’ll take action.” – Gail Fairfield

Oh yeah, I feel like I’m stuck in place right now; trapped and unable to break free.  I think the reversed nature is showing that I may be experiencing a change in perspective but it’s not because I want to do so.  Gail Fairfield’s statement “no more procrastinating” seems right in this case.  I have been procrastinating for years about taking steps to gain more control over my life.  Actually I guess what I am trying to change is my approach to work and generating income.  I want to find ways to generate money that do not involve working for someone else but I keep hesitating.  I’m letting myself hang in limbo rather than taking steps to manifest this or to change anything for that matter.  I think it is time to take action before I suffocate.

Like the rabbit trapped in a snare, I feel unable to get free and as though I’m struggling for my life.  I almost feel as though my air is being cut off and I can’t breath anymore.  The blood is rushing to me head and consciousness is fleeing.  That pretty much describes my day to day existence right now.  I’m finding it impossible to focus on anything concrete because I’m not in control of this situation.  I am at the mercy of an ailing, elderly in-law.  It’s not her fault but it is frustrating.  In fact she may feel a bit like this too.  She has no control over the changes in her life and it seems as though she is conscious of her helplessness and quite disheartened by it.

Oh my, I think I just got a bit more insight into why this card showed up for me.  I’ve been so busy focusing in my feelings of being trapped and helpless that I didn’t consider how she feels.  As difficult as it is for me, it must be even harder for her.  She was always an independent, tough woman.  She hated having to rely on others for anything.  And now she is forgetful and unable to deal with many tasks on her own such as shopping, checking the mail and even bathing.  That must be very challenging for a woman of her generation to tolerate.  She knows she needs assistance but doesn’t like it.

Seeing things from her perspective once in a while might help tone down some of my resentment and self-pity.  At least I do have the ability to walk away.  She doesn’t, not anymore.  And she has a 53 year old son who is disabled and dependent on her.  She is aware of this and worries about him constantly.  That is a huge weight for anyone to bear alone especially at 81 years of age.  Whenever I feel myself growing angry and ready to lose my temper, I need to take a deep breath and remember that as difficult as this might be for me, it’s hard for her too.  That change in perspective might help me keep my sanity.

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