COTD – Ace of Wands/Sticks (Legacy of the Divine & Rabbit)


Aces symbolize beginnings, the start of something new and the seed of new growth.  Wands are associated with inspiration, energy, passion, feeling, enterprise, ambition, matters pertaining to the “spark of life”, and the element of fire.  Skill; creation; the beginning of a project, enterprise, idea, or invention.  Enthusiasm; initiative; energy; the joy of life; sexual vigor; conception; a journey

“You are planting the seeds for a new public identity.  You’re beginning to create a new name for yourself to take on a new role in life.” – Gail Fairfield

The black and white rabbit on the Rabbit Ace of Sticks looks so excited and enthusiastic.  She reminds me of a child who has found a new treasure or learned and new skill and can’t wait to impress others with her new acquisition.  There is a buoyancy and excitement in her step.  The image on the Legacy of the Divine Ace of Wands of a bit more static but ornate and lovely.  For some reason as soon as I saw it the line “here’s a nice stick to beat the lovely lady” from the movie The Quiet Man popped into my head.  Not because I think it symbolizes spousal abuse but because I think I need to hit myself with a stick to get going (figuratively not literally).

One of my biggest flaws (at least in my view) is that I often know the solution to my problems but I resist implementing them.  I can be a stubborn as a mule.  And sometimes the mule does need a whack or two with a stick to get her moving.  I guess I need that too.  I know there is a lot of untapped creativity and energy in me but I’ll letting my just slug through life.  I feel like the young boy Milo in The Phantom Tollbooth when he’s stuck in the Doldrums.  Regardless of what efforts I make, I just can’t seem to break free and move forward again.  Then again I do like consistency and my rut is fairly well defined.

Perhaps now that I’m more conscious of this issue (and believe me lately I think the Tarot has been trying both subtle and unsubtle means to point this out) will enable me to actually change this pattern.  As I mentioned the other day, I’m getting tired of my whiny, self-pitying side.  It feels so inauthentic to me.  I might be cynical about some things but I do believe that I am blessed in many ways.  And I believe in the magic and joy inherent in all our lives.  We just have to be aware, be sensitized and look for them.  I’m tired of being desensitized and maybe a few whacks with a stick will bring those sensations back again.

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