COTD – 4 of Swords R (Tarot of Dreams & Ferret)


The number 4 symbolizes earthly reality, basic structure and orientation, and stability – think of the 4 seasons, 4 directions and 4 elements of earth, air, fire and water.  Swords represent reason, thought, logic, will, courage, verbal skill, matters pertaining to the mind and survival in the world and the element of air.  Traditionally this card symbolizes a need to withdraw oneself and recharge your batteries.

“You’re privately manifesting your philosophy.  You’re taking quiet action based on you attitudes, opinions, and beliefs.  You are having internal conversations with parts of yourself.  Or, you could be talking about someone behind her back!  The communication that’s happening is not public.” – Gail Fairfield.

This is the second day in a row that I’ve drawn this card reversed.  I have to take that as a sign that I’m either not getting the message or that whatever energies this card represents are still present in my life.

On one level I can see it suggesting that I need to recharge my batteries in a meaningful and beneficial way.  It’s not just about resting and relaxing, it’s also about recharging the brain cells.  Lately I’ve been feeling that my brain is starting to seep out my ear.  I have slipped into a rut and haven’t been “sharpening my saw” to use a Stephen Covey term.  On some level, perhaps I’ve rested too well.  I’m beginning to feel disconnected and out of touch.  It’s as though I’m living in a dream time – nothing is real and solid.  I’m drifting on gusts of air and letting myself be blown where the winds of fortune take me.  That’s not necessarily a bad approach to things because it can open you up to possibilities you hadn’t consider before or even known existed.  However, it’s probably not the most effective and productive way of making decisions about one’s future.

For some reason I feel as if I’m in a holding pattern right now.  There are unresolved issues swirling around which are keeping me from moving forward.  Some are as simple as dealing with a broken laptop while others are more complex like dealing with an ailing mother-in-law.  I know I can deal with both these issues but I need to come up with a more effective strategy.  At least I have begun taking steps in the right direction.  Today I took a few books about social media marketing out of the local library.  At least I feel like I’m starting to do something.  Lately I feel as though my inaction is what’s wearing me out.  Standing still takes a lot more energy than one might think.

I believe that I also need to focus a bit more on my spiritual growth.  I let myself get sidetracked and I have been getting a strong sense that moving forward on that path will help me deal with some of the other issues life has chosen to send my way.   There are many things in my life over which I have no control but handling the ones I can control might help me deal with the other ones in a way that leaves me less drained and exhausted.

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