COTD – 2 of Wands (Legacy of the Divine & Rabbit)


Twos symbolize formation, balance, partnership, polarity and the coming together of opposites.  Twos can indicate that the focus can no longer be only on oneself; that there is another factor influencing the situation.  They represent the affirmation and confirmation of new directions that were begun at the Ace level.  Wands are usually associated with the element of fire, inspiration, energy, passion, feeling, enterprise, ambition, matters pertaining to the “spark of life”.

“Claiming and validating yourself; saying “yes” to a new role that you’ve definitely decided to play perhaps after comparing and contrasting it with other possibilities; naming the new identity and claiming it for your own.” – Gail Fairfield

The white rabbit on the Rabbit 2 of Sticks reminds me of a person signalling planes at the airport.  For some reason he looks a bit dispirited and tired, as though he’s worn out and can’t do it anymore.  Maybe he needs someone to help him hold the sticks.  Perhaps all that arm waving has just tired him and he needs support and companionship; someone to help keep his energy up and with whom to share ideas.

The Legacy of the Divine 2 of Wands shows a gold key in the center of two locked boxes and two upright spears.  A different colored ribbon flows from the key to each spear or do they flow from the spears to the key?  The concept I draw from this card is one of choices and unleashing energies.  The entire image suggests a sense of stasis, untapped potential.  Things can’t move forward until choices are made and one of the boxes open.  Then the potential within can be unleashed and harnessed.

Both cards seem to suggest a need for decisions to be made and energy focused and unleashed.  Maybe this cannot happen right now because I cannot make the decision on my own.  Perhaps like the white rabbit, I’ve tried to do it on my own for too long and I need a partner or partners.  Someone to help me tap into that energy and help me find some sense of direction and perspective.  I also find that the dynamic when I’m working with someone else tends to make me more productive.

So it seems that the key to unleashing my energy and re-igniting my creative energies is to admit that I can’t do it alone and find some folks who can partner in these endeavors with me.  I do know several people who would probably be great partners for this type of exercise.  I think it would prove to be a complementary and mutually beneficial relationship.  Of course that means I’ll actually have to do these things and not just bull shit about them.

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