2 of Wands (Dream & Ferret)


Twos symbolize formation, balance, partnership, polarity and the coming together of opposites.  Twos can indicate that the focus can no longer be only on oneself; that there is another factor influencing the situation.  They represent the affirmation and confirmation of new directions that were begun at the Ace level.  Wands are usually associated with the element of fire, inspiration, energy, passion, feeling, enterprise, ambition, matters pertaining to the “spark of life”.

“Claiming and validating yourself; saying “yes” to a new role that you’ve definitely decided to play perhaps after comparing and contrasting it with other possibilities; naming the new identity and claiming it for your own.” – Gail Fairfield

Looking at the image on the Tarot of Dreams, I am struck by the concept that this is a pathway, a doorway whose passage requires a choice be made.  One doorway is filled with luminescent blue light and the other glows with orange and rose-pink energy.  Both seem to be equally valid and viable options but which is the right one for me?  It’s impossible to determine that with the information available.  Nothing is visible beyond the doorways, simple the lovely colors.  Of course when you think about it, isn’t that how life goes?  We make decisions based on nothing but instinct or a hunch.  Do I prefer the colors of the pink doorway or the blue?  That might even vary depending upon the day of the week.

Then we look at the Ferret 2 of Wands and see a trio of ferrets who are obviously working together to achieve some sort of goal.  They are focused and thoughtful while they ponder the task that lies before them.  They also look absolutely adorable.  So perhaps the concept they represent is that even when choices must be made, they do not need to be done alone.  You can seek advice and support from friends, loved ones, even co-workers.  Brainstorming is a very successful practice in many businesses.  Why not use a similar approach to decisions that need to be made about your creative life or career?  The more passionate and committed we are to something, the more difficult it can be to view things from an objective perspective.

The other idea that hit me when I looked at these two cards is to find a partner to help make those decisions; make it fun.  That’s the essence I took away from the Ferret 2 of Wands.  It’s not just about brainstorming and getting input from trusted advisors, it’s about having fun.  If your decision making process don’t tape into your creative and fun side then you risk leading a joyless and rather bland existence.

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