COTD – Ace of Pentacles/Clouds R (Fenestra & Blake)


Aces symbolize beginnings, the start of something new and the seed of new growth.  Pentacles are associated with the material world, acquisitions of wealth and possessions, our connection to Earth and Nature, sensation, matters pertaining to the physical plane and the element of earth.  Pentacles can also be connected with practicality, groundedness and being realistic.

Ace of Pentacles reversed may indicate being so focused on holding on to what you have that you have failed to recognize the needs of those around you, especially needs for material aid; a false or premature sense of security; extreme competition where financial gain is concerned; blinding ambition; and reluctance to “leave the garden” and make our own way.

“You can potentially create a new form or level of safety and stability in your life.  You could experience a new kind of groundedness or centeredness.  you may feel the stirrings of a new connection with natural, earthy forces.” – Gail Fairfield

Dante LWB:  “The Celestial Pilot.  Change of environment.  Modernization of space and ideas.”

When I saw this card I was struck by how much the image on the Fenestra Ace of Pentacles reminded me of a hand dropping a seed into the soil.  It made me think of a seed being planted within me.  The seed of new growth and the opportunity to manifest new prosperity and abundance in my life lies within my hand but I have to be willing to do the work.  Just because we plant a seed does not mean it will grow.  We must tend it and nurture it.  It needs sunlight and water in order to sprout and grow.

Having the seed of an idea is not enough; hard work and dedication is essential too.  And I have historically had a challenging time with the dedication and hard work aspect.  It’s not that I am incapable of either; it’s simply that I sometimes lack the patience and belief in myself to stick with things.  My self-doubts and inner demons can erode my confidence and undermine my belief that the seeds I plant will sprout to fruition.

The pilot on the Dante Ace of Clouds is a reminder that in order to nurture this seed and encourage it’s growth, I have to steer my own course.  And of course that is the scariest part of all.  If I’m the pilot then wherever I end up is my doing.  When I allowed others to pilot my life then if I didn’t like where I ended up I could always blame them.  Taking responsibility means that I also have to accept the results of my own decisions.  Sometimes it just so much easier to deflect the blame on someone else.

I realize as I review some of the cards that have shown up for me this month, I am being pushed into exploring a path I’ve spent a lot of time trying to avoid.  I can work hard and be dependable and responsible but I’m rarely very daring – at least when it comes to finances and my career.  Reviewing the cards that have been showing up for me, I am getting the inescapable sense that I’ll be dragged onto that road kicking and screaming if necessary.  I guess my choices are obvious – take charge and guide the direction my life takes, or try to avoid it and get a cosmic slap upside the head.

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