COTD – The Star R (Hudes & Blake)


Traditionally The Star can refer to themes of spiritual healing, the light at the end of the tunnel, the balance between heaven and earth or the spiritual and the mundane, purity and spiritual guidance.  The Star can symbolize experiencing the boundless, free abundance of the Universe.  Unbounded or psychological or psychic energy is flowing to you.  You’re feeling personally energized and filled enthusiasm.  There is a never ending supply of this powerful resource within you that can be used in any way you desire.

Negative:  You aren’t ready to be a channel for new energy or resources at this time.  You may be drawing a lot of force or power into your life, but it’s short-circuiting there.  You could feel frantic or overwhelmed by the energy coming into your life without knowing what to do with it.  It may not be healthy or appropriate for you to be the recipient for this energy right now.
Reversed:  Unbounded psychological or psychic energy is flowing to you.  You’re feeling personally energized and filled with enthusiasm.  There is a never-ending supply of this powerful resources within you.  You can use it in any way you desire.” – Gail Fairfield

Blake LWB:  “Opening your eyes to the highest potential of your situation.  Getting in touch with your own creative powers.  Self-esteem.  Receiving recognition for your abilities.  “Doing your own thing”, no matter what.”

Stars shows a seated figure, arms outstretched beneath the evening sky, an open book beside him.  His visage is worn and weary and yet his eyes are raised up to the sky, as though seeking guidance and wisdom from the stars.  The different constellations are visible overhead.  There are also other grayish figures seeming to plead to the stars but receiving no answer.  A lighted lamp rests next to the book on the figures left side.  On his right we see a couple embracing beneath an arch of cherubs.  Nearby stands a woman resurrecting another from the earth.  At the bottom of the frame we see an elderly man holding a scroll in one hand and seeming to follow the other creatures in the frame; to move on to the next plane of existence.  The frame offsets the gloominess of the main image with its touches of pink and pale blue.  It brings a brightness and lightness to the card.

At first glance this cards seem gloomy and gray, hopeless.  The colors are muddy and muted and it seems difficult to distinguish different figures.  But when you can focus on it more you begin to see central figure with his outstretched arms and arms raised to the heavens.  You see the constellations frolicking overhead.  You see the couple embracing and the woman raising the other from the ground.  But what strikes you right away is the brightness of the images in the frame.  The cheeriness of the pink figures floating in a pale blue stream.  They seem to be separate from the rest of this card, part of it and yet not.  Perhaps they represent the human spirit preparing to reassimilate with the divine source.  They are entering a new plane of existence.  The light and the book may represent humanity’s’ quest for knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.  We seek love and are always striving to raise ourselves from the earthly temptation that trap us.  This card shows us the way.  When looking at this card the phrase “keep your eyes on the prize” comes to mind.  If we can keep our eyes fixed on the path to spiritual enlightenment and development, then perhaps we can manage to overcome whatever else might trouble us.  We can overcome whatever obstacles attempt to block our way.  But it is easy to lose sight of the true path, as exhibited by the murky figures trying in vain to reconnect with the stars.  They are unable to see the true path because they have lost their focus.  Stars shows us that we can find the true path again if we open our eyes and our spirits to the truth.

On the Hudes Star card a radiant woman with stands up to her neck in a body of water.  Her eyes are closed and she seems bathed in the light from the star overhead.  She seems at peace and unworried about her position.  I get the sense that she is cleansing and renewing herself in the water and with the rays of the star overhead.  There is something serene and calming about her appearance.  A soothing, peaceful energy seems to radiate from her and out of the card.

Both these cards offer the relief and serenity of healing, renewing light.  They remind us that even the darkest night is light with millions of tiny stars.  Of course this card is reversed for me today.  That makes me wonder if I’m not opening myself up to this healing, renewing energy.  Perhaps I’ve been keeping my eyes closed to the potential healing energy surrounding me.  I need to renew my spirit and allow myself to see the lightness that surrounds me.  It’s time to open my eyes and embrace my own thing.  I have all this potential psychic energy coursing through me and now it’s time to find an positive and beneficial channel for this energy.

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